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Alev Demir

About the artist

Alev Demir was born and raised in Germany. She always wanted to express herself through her art so in 2020, she made the decision to pursue her dream by enrolling into a Mastery Program at Milan Art Institute, USA which taught her the skills of old masters and various techniques.

Her paintings emerge through different mediums including acrylic paint and oil paint as well. Exploring new materials and experimenting with color and texture sets her free in the painting process.

Alev sees beauty in simple things as well as art in everything and everyone, she is inspired by various subjects. She loves raw inner beauty, the environment and the feeling of freedom. These and many other subjects she is engaged in, play a large role in her paintings.

„I want to connect with people all over the world through my art and empower them not just to dream but also trust themselves and take action to live their dream. We all are earthlings living and fighting with our own struggles. So lets spread more love and light into this world and lift the weights off of our shoulders.“