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Carina Larsson

”My wish is to create art that will touch your heart and make your eyes happy.”

Carina is born in Sweden, but has been living in Columbus, IN, USA for the last years and will move back to Sweden in July 2021.


All from the start, as long as she can remember, she has been drawing and painting. As part of an artistic family, all different kind of art was encouraged. 


But then life happened, work, marriage, kids, divorce, new husband, the years went by .... and then suddenly!! There was time to start painting again. It is never too late to start, that is something everybody should remember.


For about four years she took classes as a fine artist in Sweden. One of the best learnings was to dare to

 ”kill your darlings”, don’t be afraid to change and to paint ugly, to take the chance and just see where the painting wants to go. If you take the time to talk to and listen to your art, it will tell you how to solve the problems that can occur.


The favourite media is to mix with different acrylics and oil colour, but she also paints in watercolour, draws and trying to carve in acrylics and also different textile materials.


"Sometimes life and other things happens that slows you down.

                                      But if you get a second chance, then you just have to take it!"


Never give up!

Carinas art in the store