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Fuchsia was raised in a German village by her mother and loving grandparents. (She is the youngest of three children.) In the third grade, they moved to Meissen, a German city famous for its porcelain China.

She was inspired by the art around her and at the age of ten, she knew she wanted to work in fashion and spread her love of draping the human figure in colour with the world. She explored her artistic horizons by participating in various classes and summer camps in many mediums- pottery, silk painting, design, and life drawing. Nothing was off the table! She honed her craft in university and achieved an MA in fashion design, while living in Berlin.


Fuchsia has worked in costumes departments of cruise ships and international movie productions. Her passion for art and travel has taken her to live in New Zealand, Canada, and now Greece. Living on the small island of Paros she has become inspired to turn her love of painting into a profession.


Fuchsia says:” I believe in empowering women and young people. Life is a beautiful journey to discover your unique dreams and wildest fantasies, while living in harmony with nature and enjoying the present moment.” Collectors love her use of color and storytelling.


Her new studio in the home she is building overlooks a traditional white village full of history and the calming magic of the Aegean Sea and its little islands. She is inspired by the old and the new- both the mythology of her new home and her modern life in an island that boasts visits from over 77,000 people a year.


In the future Fuchsia plans to participate in artists residencies all around the world and connect with artists from all kinds of mediums and different cultures. It is her dream to open an art school on Paros where she can encourage young and old students to channel their creativity and bring beauty into this world.


My Process: 

I am inspired by strong individuals and nature. I particularly love trees, lush tropical plants, and the underwater world. I love the freedom and excitement that comes with blending a dream world and reality.

When I paint I feel connected to the present moment and my critical thoughts subside.


I like to start with an abstract underpainting. I experiment with many different materials such as acrylics, inks, and posca pens. Sometimes I have an idea in mind, but often the underpainting itself inspires the entire piece. I explore different colours and shapes and their ability to tell an abstract story. My next step is to sketch, and finally finish paintings in oil.


My favourite colours are magenta, green, and blue. I love to combine them with many colours, such as purple and yellow. Colour theory and mixing drive my art. I love big canvases and hope to one day graduate to walls.

Fuchsia's art