We make the world a better place

by helping new artists reach out to the market  with affordable art.


Why buy experimental art?

Experimental and affordable doesn't mean low quality​.

at the contrary we give our established artists and rising stars a possibility to develop new styles and share them with you.

Chance to become an early independent collector 

For your small business as part of your unique interior design and great collaboration possibilities

Find art that reflects your personal branding 

Get in contact with rising artists as a curator and gallery representative

you know who you're buying from

We take it personal, so should you

you want to become an early collector

And help the artist to invest more into their career 

you need a Custom made art that reflects your branding 

Your home, your office and even the background of that zoom call meeting is your brand. Do you want a custom made art,

leave us your details below, we will see how we can do for you!  


You describe the details of the painting (size, style, price, etc)

Order Publication

We inform artists 

Choose an artist

Available artist will contact you and the process begins!


As artist platform we make sure you get your needs meet and you contribute to a better and more fair art society by ordering directly from the artist 

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