Isabella beck


Mixed media artist Isabella Beck, who was born and raised in Germany, has always been an arts-, design- and visual communication enthusiast.

After graduating with a degree in communication design she then proceeded to channel her creativity professionally in forms of graphic design and illustration. It was just 2020, when the world went upside down, that she decided to refocus on her true passion for fine arts and further pursue her art career, expanding her creative network and attending international art courses.

Her art style is composed of a mix of semi-realistically painted subjects, mostly inspired by nature, and abstract freedom in contrast, which runs like a thread through all of her paintings. Her process is loose and free and embraces the natural coincidence of randomly created patterns contrasted by precise and accurate lines.

„The marks, structures and patterns created are unique to each painting, they're never the same. Two trees in nature aren't identical, neither are rocks nor leaves – I like to transfer this to my paintings, embracing the natural stage of randomness and coincidence. Nature is the greatest inspiration to me – there's so much beauty in what surrounds us naturally, you just have to keep your eyes open to it. Therefore I tip my hat to nature with each painting I create,

portraying its beauty.“

Isabella Beck