Pia Vehl

Pia Vehl Bjerk Mikkelsen is a fine artist, based in Denmark. 

She was  born on the 8th of March 1975 in Skive, and raised in a family as the oldest of 4 siblings

The family lived on a little farm in a Forest in Midtjiuttland, Denmark

Most of the childhood, Pia spent in the woods. She was very concerned about Nature and imagined if  she lived by an enchanted Forrest. Her parents often said the Pia lived in her own fantasy world.

Pia has always been creative, she drew portraits of her classmates, painted paintings of animals, nature and things from her fantasy world. She also sew costumes for herself and her friends. After becoming an educated trained upholster in 1996, she worked designing and manufacturing furniture on a Danish and German furniture factory. Furniture design was not creative enough for her, so in 2009 she became a professional hairdresser and made many creative colourful hairstyles in her own business.

Pia lives by the motto " Life is not about finding yourself it is about creating yourself"

"Live, laugh, love"

In May 2016 Pia joined a Danish online art school and got 3 paintings selected for an exhibition in south Jutland. This really gave her the urge to paint more.

Pia constantly develops her style and is planing to pursue her international exhibition career in the coming years.

Pias art  purpose is to encourage others to follow their dreams and live a happy life

Student works and experimental art  

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