Pia Vehl

Pia Vehl is a fable artist from Denmark. 

She paints her colourful fantasy art with a little twist of humor - just as magical and wonderful as a child with a good imagination would see the world.

Pias' art vision is to encourage others to follow their dreams and live a happy life

The artistic journey started back in 2016, when 3 of Pias works got selected for a fine art exhibition in Denmark. That gave her that urge to keep on painting. Following years, Pia had a few small exhibitions in Denmark  and in 2018 she got selected as a board member in Fjends Kunstforening.

2020, Pia graduated the Mastery Art Programme at Milan Art Institute and got selected to join the gallery Artstudio_no7, as one of the permanent artists.

Pia constantly develops her unique style and is planning to pursue her international art exhibition this coming years, starting in Copenhagen, Milano and one more secret country this year.