Art in process alert!

All of us fine artists know how art can look ugly in different stages and that is something we know we should embrace, because that's when you can reach truly beautiful results , through continuous refinement and layering and changing your mind and overall be openly creative and free.

Many times or "sudden mistakes" make those interesting marks that define how the peace is going to perceived when its done.


Nobody really likes to share the unfinished, raw moments, because everyone, no matter what they say, are nervous about the critique (!)

However, each of us reacts a creative block and sometimes becomes so blind so we cant see why the piece is not really working.

I have been blessed with a group of supporting artists, we have weekly call when we can ask each other for the critique and share learned lessons during the week. It has been a tremendous support and the other right, my artist in crime, suggested we go public!

Now when this platform has a potential to bring more artists together, this sounds truly like a fantastic idea! As a matter of fact, I am experiencing a block with one of my experimental pieces right now : D

I have made a statement for a month ago, that because I truly suck on abstracts, my goal is to master them and become super confident to the end of the year.

Year 2020 I have started with this

After a few online classes on abstract exercise, how to be more creative and coherent with non objective abstracts and, thanks to great insights and super pedagogical Eli Milan in the program class of elements of art, the abstracts I just lately came to look (what I think), much better

Yes I am very proud of them, mainly because they evolved into something unique by themselves.


not all of my experiments end up the way I want and me too, I have ended up in a block for the rest of three in this series. AND I would really appreciate some of the constructive critique from my peer artists, regarding this one :

it is in a final stage,

mixed media

I want to keep the dark blue and see that something is not really working but I don't know what it can be?

Any ideas?


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