Halloween is one of my favourite holidays!

I am Fuchsia, a German painter living in Greece and I only learned about this festivity during English class in school. Nevertheless, I am fascinated by it. As a fashion lover I have always loved to dress up as different characters and Halloween gave me a public excuse to do so. Also, like every child, I loved candy (still do). So, my friends and I went from house to house on October 31st dressed up as mysterious characters to collect as much sweets as possible.

As soon as I learned about this month's challenge I knew what I wanted to paint. And while I don’t want to give away my concept in a very secretive manner ;-) , I will share my colour palette with you:


… symbolizes mystery, independence, luxury, power and magic.

Spiritually it is associated with the sacred higher self, third eye and passion.

A lighter shade of purple stands for feminine energy, while a darker one induces a feeling of gloom. In fashion purple is the color of extravagance.

It, therefore, is the perfect color to represent witchcraft!


… is the color of the night. It represents evil, darkness and despair as well as seduction and immortality. With black we associate mysterious characters such as magicians, witches, vampires and Greek Furies. In fashion, black is the color of elegance and coolness. It grants its wearer maturity, aloofness, attractiveness, desirability and sex appeal.

Black is timeless and can easily be combined with any color.

My third and main color choice is:


…it stands for tranquility, balance, nature, safety and good luck. Spiritually, it is the color of rebirth but can also symbolize envy and poison.

I hope you feel as inspired as me to create your own version of a Halloween themed painting.

We at Art Studio No7 love to see what ideas you come up with.

Lots of Love Fuchsia.

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