I wouldn't be doing it, if I was you

You're out of your mind!

Why would you do that?

This is completely nuts

yada yada yada yada

So Ive heard people telling me so often I can not count all the times. When you start doing things, instead of hiding in your comfort zone box, people, that were sitting next to you become alarmingly hysterical and try to pull you back into the box, no matter what. That is so you wouldn't stir up in their calm life, of course.

My whole life has been coloured with opinions and people first telling me I was strange, then that I was a nerd and after all, when I reached the levels of success in my passions - that I was merely lucky and, most of all, just talented or gifted, unlike themselves.

Not to forget "if only I was as gifted/had more time/money/ rich parents ... I would also be as good if not better"

The level of self-delusion variated proportionally with the levels of personal comfort zone.

Often the only thing we should do to reach something "extraordinary" is just to step outside into the "daring" and just keep on making small continuous steps into that direction.

So it was this time

Just a year ago I had no idea I was going to be working as a professional fine artist. As a matter of a fact, I didn't tell many of my close people about it, to avoid exactly this - hearing "oh well, you have time and money for hobbies, but you know you will never be able to make living out of that, right?"

My closest person that I showed one of the artists instagram account and told: "look, this is what I want to do! ", bursted out "oh wow, that's cool, but look at her and look at you, you know you WOuLD NEVER BE ABLE TO DO THAT? you know HOW MANY YEARS BEHIND this person has to become this way? No way you can do that"

Did that upset me? YES

Did that discourage me?

Hell no

No such thing as getting discouraged from something you glow about.

So in a year I went from this

To this

In a year I have dived into a completely different world from what I was living in before and met so many interesting new people, new impressions and new aspirations.

I have been inspired in creating a place where we, as artists should help each other (which I was actually also been discouraged from, but that's another story) and most importantly my life has become a completely different book than it was before.

Life has not become easier, new development and growth means continuous effort. Even now people say wow, so cool, but surely you cannot drop your career and do this? All you artists are nothing special like Van Gogh, so why pretend?


" I see your art somewhere decorative as part of a hotel decoration, after all, this is nothing ground breaking"

Or "Oh but this is do pricey, who would buy it? Certainly not me "

Believe it or not, it's not talent, not money and certainly not luck. It is investment of time, commitment and effort, that will take you there. The most important is, what are you investing your time in right now will most likely result in your future. so use it wisely.

And I cant wait to see in a year, and compare this post to what has happened!

Stay tuned, I'll share more on what program I studied and what new stuff we re going to have here on the platform!

And dont forget to check the forum and contribute with your knowledge to other artists :D

Stay safe


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