First post it is, exciting! Wait, where are all the emojis anyways :O?

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

I have to admit I haven't written a single line of blog in my life so far, and more over, I haven't written things on the desktop for ages, so a child of social media communication, boy I do miss my emojis :S

This first post is supposed to be something overly cheerful like a Golden Retriever pup, Im not sure I can make it, but let's give it a try. Yay!

Who is that girl and why am I here?

Wait a sec, its going to clear out soon, you'l see

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Marie, a fine artist, a delivery coach and a cat owner. I probably fall into many categories so you know, quite ordinary.

Just like many, I like comfy armchairs and warm chocolate in unproportionally big cups.

I also like challenges, but not too much challenges, not things like something happened this summer. One might wonder...

Yes, I have finally finished my one year art programme that I really enjoyed, but now it was time to face all the business side of being an artist. Yes, as a total newb in art business, all that new stuff like creating own web site, store, promotion and serious social media branding, hit me like an avalanche. It was overwhelming, quenching and sometimes it left me feeling like a rendezvous with a dementor - when all your energy is just taken and you hit a pillow like that wall.

As a new artist I know how it feels, as a professional within IT and project delivery, it was relatively manageable for me, I kind of managed. I managed, but I also saw that there was a tremendous amount of artists that were coming from an entirely different background, some artists never even used social media before and for most of them, creating own site means finding a professional to do that for them. And that is not such an easy task it self (and maybe not the cheapest one).

It's then when I came up with the idea to create a web platform for the artists to help then reaching the market beyond their relatives and closer friends.

Art Studio no7 has started as something made by artists for artists. The team is small, but we all have a whole lot to share to make an artist career so much easier. By using the same platform, we reduce costs for IT and store solution as well as we have a possibility to have collaborations more beneficial than those, based on individual agreements.

I cant wait to share more interesting stuff, but its 2:30 a.m. and I feel its better I leave it until tomorrow, In the next episodes though:

What is Art studio and how do we help you as an artist

Who's behind the project?

Collaboration alert

Do you need a personal site and what are the pros and cons

How to get into a gallery and not get scammed?

Social media tools review

Social media branding

Marketing insights

Google CEO, what's that?

Social media strategy


All this and more and not necessarily in that order, but most probably quite useful, because we've been there and done all those mistakes for you

So join us and tune in!



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