Simplicity at its best

As artists we are constantly learning and progressing. After going through all different techniques, sometimes an artist can get stuck. There are two things that will get you out of that funk. One is going completely crazy over that canvas and throwing paint EVERYWHERE and the other is going back to classics. Of course, belonging to this amazing group, there is never a small amount of experimentation and ideas when it comes to art but classic training can sometimes provide a particular structure. It’s sort of like a reset button and this month’s theme was carrying that very idea. One of the classic painting methods is creating a grisaille. A grisaille is a painting style in which you paint in a gray monochrome to establish values and realism. This was mainly used to get under paintings done, creating a “trompe l’oeil” and painting anatomical casts.

Color is beautiful… color is powerful… color is amazing and can change the mood of a painting in a second. However, when you take color away, the subject/message carries more weight. Light and dark become the story tellers. Within this collective each artist has their own style, their own story and being able to see how they express it with highlights and shadows only is a wonderful gift.

In coming up with this idea, I wanted to add a little bit more to it. Again, we are artists that have been and continue to train to reach mastery in our craft, so, just value scales wasn’t enough of a challenge. Much like a recipe, every time you “perfect” it there’s something else you want to add to spice it up once in a while. After much thought, what came to mind was PAINTING MEDIUMS!!!!!! Besides the monochromatic challenge, we also had to use a painting medium we have not tried yet. What better way to challenge yourself then with new things right?!!!

Needless to say, I was beyond excited about this challenge. I was ecstatic to have an excuse to visit the art store and explore it’s full glory. Somehow I managed to maintain self control and only purchased iridescent watercolor medium. Yes, I know… I have no idea how I contained myself in there, lol. I decided on watercolor because of it’s convenience and my obsession with PoemsAboutYou handmade watercolors. However, I settled on using Indigo. Indigo itself derives from plants. It’s a classical color and has such depth. I can’t even explain how much I love this color and PoemsAboutYou is one of the few companies that sources their indigo natural. Most companies have pigment compounds to create a similar color (i.e. Payne’s Gray). I am an inquisitive person, I love studying, learning, natural phenomena and the idea that all things are connected. All of this contributed to my subject, the eye. Eyes are constantly working, consistently grasping and storing information. It’s incredible!

For this theme, you get to see us artists in a whole other way and it’s the coolest and most beautiful thing anyone can ask for. I truly hope you enjoy this month’s auction and get to acquire one of these visual poems for your lovely home.

-Kat M Hamilton

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