We have no sales and profit department, we dont calculate ROI and dont strategize our revenue. Because at the moment we have none :) And the fact is, as a non profit platform, we have no plans to have revenues, based on the artist sales.


We do, however, get happy if you want to share  the platform costs with us and even more happy we get if you want to add a subscription so we can invest into the marketng for you as an artist.

The more artists contribute, the esier it will be promote and pay from the common pot. We share the costs, so the artists get most effective promotion for the least possible cost.

Boost your marketing and support the platform

120,00 €Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
120,00 €
or just 4 € a month
one coffee and we cover our platform costs per artist
4,00 €monthly/ auto-renew
10 € per month
Woah, skipping 2 Starbucks visits and we're getting serious°
10,00 €monthly/ auto-renew
  • You are free to cancel you subscription at any time, just send us a DM to the artstudio instagram account and we stop your subscription! 


    All possible revenue is invested back to the platform and your promotion as an artist


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