"Alocasia" original artwork

Acrylics, pearlescent and pumice medium on board, varnished and signed.


Plant Series No. 5

Alocasia, also known as the Elephants Ear, is a plant species with many different types and originates in South-East Asia. It is the 'plant that grows up to the heavens' and therefore symbolizes seizing new opportunities.


About the houseplant Series:

I am a big houseplant addict and plant lover - I have over 60 houseplants in my home! In the Houseplant Series, I've made a series of portraits portraying various popular types of houseplants. Each plant is portrayed by a woman with the same native heritage as the plant they represent. This series shows the diversity of nature and humanity, and brings you to all corners of the world.


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.: mixed media acrylic on canvas 
.: Netherlands 2020

.: 40x50cm (15.75x19,7 inches)


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