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Nov 25, 2020
In Forum for the artists
I hope you've read the first blog post, to get some information on why this project has started. To make it more clear: This platform is made by artists for artists. Apart from any other gallery site or a curator organisation, we are not interested in earning money on your art, we are interested in promoting our fellow artists, to help the community grow in an organic and fun way. Everyone and each of you is a tremendous asset to the project, together we share the platform cost, the marketing efforts and make it easier to reach out to the companies and organisations for beneficial collaborations. This year we have just signed a gallery spot for our members, A gallery in a physical place downtown in Milan, Italy. Great guys wanted to contribute and gave us a beneficial agreement so the project can give a lift to the members of the platform. So let 2020 be not so terrible after all, we are legendary that we succeed start this initiative and I am very happy to see our team grow! I will be sharing news and new cool possibilities in both Blog and here on the Forum, do contribute with your opinions and posts, it will be highly appreciated, because this project should represent your interest and act in your benefit :D (also tell your fellow artists, that we are launching, we are not taking any service fee for the first group of artists, so the spots are limited! ) xoxo Marie
Welcome to the artist project, here is what it is for  content media