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Md Mostakim Hossain
Jun 23, 2022
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Cannabis Marketing Keywords for Local SEO As with any other local business, local SEO optimization by creating and maintaining a GMB account, soliciting quality reviews and backlinks, and ensuring local keywords appear in your metadata, your copy and Photo Background Removing your URLs can be the difference between discoverability and some death. Recommended for: Dispensaries! A concerted focus on local SEO should be table stakes for any local cannabis retailer. The increased footprint of MSOs will make it easier to rank for the most competitive keywords, but location-specific pages (or microsites, depending on state requirements) should adhere to the Photo Background Removing same best practices outlined above. CPG brands, on the other hand, will likely struggle to gain traction via content and good SEO; Keywords like tincture and pre-roll are dominated by Leafly or dispensary sites optimized for hyperlocal variants. They have an interest in relying on organic social networks. Cannabis Marketing Channel SMS SMS advertising can often be a difficult channel to navigate due to privacy and regulatory issues; customers often opt out of receiving SMS marketing materials, Photo Background Removing leaving little room for advertisers. But while it may seem like a thing of the past, SMS marketing direct mail sent via text message — is a boon to the cannabis industry. Cannabis Marketing SMS Example Dispensaries can use SMS marketing tools like Sprout to notify customers of new products or special discounts and ultimately drive repeat visits. This is especially valuable in saturated markets, where a customer's loyalty ultimately rests on their wallet; in what can quickly become a race for the Photo Background Removing lowest price, driving engagement through cross-selling and up-selling with manicured, personality-based offers is incredibly valuable. Since SMS messaging has such a high open rate (~98%!), it is critical that cannabis businesses communicate their messages briefly and effectively Photo Background Removing with more personalization ; there's no better way to engage an existing customer. Recommended for: Dispensaries. If you're running a dispensary and aren't using SMS – or its media-heavy cousin, MMS (multimedia messaging), please get started as soon as possible. If you operate multiple dispensaries, take a step back and really weigh your options. Multistate carriers can face significant fees when using SMS service, as many charge by volume. If you send a few hundred thousand Photo Background Removing messages per month, you might want to have a chat with your provider and negotiate more favorable terms; most are ready.