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Apr 05, 2022
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Moreover, Russian labor laws apply to all nationalities, meaning foreign employees (including expatriates) have the same rights than Russian employees. This is a Email Database standard practice in some EU countries required by EU labour law. HR challenge #4: Managing the career expectations of Gen Y INDIA - The Gen Y is writing the new code in Indian workforce. Mature Email Database enough to play crucial roles in companies, they can, however, be a nightmare for HR teams as they are more inclined to leave companies than any previous generation. Apart from the attraction and retention of Indian Gen Y, the biggest challenges today are communicating with them and offering them a rapid Email Database career evolution. In fact, the typical Gen Y Indian worker wants success to come to him/her fast and money faster. As most Email Database of India's high-potential workers (around 64%) and middle managers (around 55%) are Gen Y, the future of India - as well as companies operating there - rests on its ability to engage this generation. CHINA - Chinese Gen Y makes up about 50% of the current China's workforce. Raised to succeed, they are more educated, talented and ambitious than the previous generations. As a result, their demands, values and behaviour at work are Email Database different from those of their parents. For example, their expectations for rapid advancement and career mobility are high and they place great emphasis on salary. If your company cannot Email Database offer them an exciting career path, they will move to another company in order to have a better career opportunity and increase their remuneration as well. Being promoted is the greatest motivational factor in their career.