Randi Egebro 2020.jpg

Randi Egebro

Randi Egebro was born in 1984 and raised in Faaborg, Denmark as the oldest sibling of four. She has two sons (2004 & 2009). 


Randi has been creative since a very early age, she knew how to mix colors at the age of 3, and sold her first artwork when she was 10 years old. 


From 2006 she sold a lot of pencil portraits. But have been painting with acrylic paint since 2013, when she won a painting contest's first price and decided to persue her urges to paint. 

Since then, her art have been displayed in several gallery's in Denmark. 


The first 6 years Randi painted in the living room of her two-room apartment but in 2019 she finally got a studio in her new home. 


Randi finds inspiration for her colorfull magicrealism paintings in nature, fairytales, mythology and emotions. 

For the main part she produces acrylic paintings on canvas or paper, but she allso uses several other mediums In her art. 

She often use golden interference and iridescent paint, gold and silver leafs, resin and fimo clay which allow her to be very experimental and makes her able to create unique 3D effects in her work. 

Occasionally Randi allso creates sculptures in fimo clay, vegetables or pumpkins, and nature materials. 


Randi wants to remind people that "we create our own reality" but she allso wants to let people know that "stars can't shine without darkness" with her art.