Sanne Bunte

Sanne(1983) is a professional fine artist based in the Netherlands. 


Summer 2019 Sanne decided it was time to lift her art to the next level. She started a fine art program based in the USA. This helped her find her voice and own unique style. 


Sanne’s approach to art is simple. “Turning chaos in to beauty”. She loves to play with all she can get her hands on and uses several different mediums in her process. She finds every edge of the canvas to cover it with her imagination and uses different textures to let the viewer discover new details when they come closer to  the artwork.

With multiple layers of various mediums Sanne builds up her paintings to unlock a world for others to explore. To make it really come alive she finishes the paintings with oils to create intriguing depths and awaken the pioneer of the viewer.


Her inspiration comes from all around. She loves to spend time in nature and cares for all kinds of animals and living things. Because she gives great value to trees and wildlife she donates @treesforall for every original painting she sells to help taking care of our planet.

She wants to empower people and help make the world a more beautiful and loving place.

All of this can be found back into her paintings. It’s about finding love in all kinds of ways, but most of all about loving yourself. 


In her studio she currently works on several series of artwork . She plans on exhibit her work and inspire people all over the world.

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