Sanne Bunte

Artist Sanne Bunte (1983) works from her own studio based in the Netherlands. Surrounded by nature and with her favorite music playing in the background, she paints her chosen subject. 

Sanne likes to work with various techniques and themes such as human models and portraits, the peel landscape, horses and other animals. 

Sanne’s approach to art is simple. “Turning chaos in to beauty”. She loves to play with all she can get her hands on and uses several different mediums in her process. To make it really come alive she finishes the paintings with oils to create intriguing depths and awaken the pioneer of the viewer.

The work is diverse and she likes to let her moods influence her work. Loose colorful works are interspersed with calm, clean images.In addition to her free work, she also makes commissions for clients from home and abroad.

studies and experimental art  

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